Why MET Connect?

Why MET Connect™?

Met-Connect-LogoMET Connect™ was developed back in 2011 specifically as a response to the needs of a number of MET Services’ clients.

MET Services are a team of Consulting Electrical Engineers and Contractors.  The team have been designing, programming, installing and supporting Control Systems in the Industrial, Marine and Commercial fields for over 30 years.

What Power Stations, Cement Plants, Commercial Warehouses and Super Yachts all have in common is that they all have mission-critical control systems at the centre of their operation.  Traditionally these predominantly Ethernet based networks comprise of PLC’s, remote I/O cards, Operator Interfaces (HMI’s) and local Engineering Workstations to allow for configuration changes and troubleshooting.

A number of clients were looking to reduce call-outs to their sites and were also exploring the option of running their plants unmanned.  To specifically meet their needs of security, scalability and low running costs, we developed the MET Connect™ Remote Access and Monitoring Platform.

The MET Connect™ Platform has proven itself with secure, high-available operation for over 5 continuous years to-date.

Now our clients can use their phones, tablets or laptops to remotely troubleshoot or even control their plant operations.

Feel free to contact us for a demonstration of how the MET Connect™ Platform can stream-line your operations.