Remote Access

MET Connect™ Remote Access Solution

The MET Connect™ Service is the secure remote access solution you need for accessing and monitoring your remotely located control system network. No complex dynamic-DNS setup or static IP address provisioning with your data provider.

Met ConnectBy linking your remote 3G MODEMs to the MET Connect™ Service, you achieve a low-cost, secure, enterprise-scalable remote access solution.

Multiple user accounts with custom access privileges

Simple firewall rules can allow some users restricted access to only certain devices whilst Engineer accounts can have complete unrestricted network access.

No Special SIM Card provisioning

Any off-the-shelf data plan from any mobile provider will work. No requirement for custom APNs, Public IP or Static IP Addresses.

Layer 2 – Ethernet Connection – Everyone on the same subnet

Your remote computer behaves as if it’s plugged in directly to your network switch on-site. No requirement for default gateways programmed in all remote network devices. Broadcast packets work – Software for configuring PLCs or HMI’s work as if you are physically plugged into the remote networks switch.

Audit Trail

Security logs show who logged in when. Packet logs can even be activated which captures exactly what each user did on the network.

Network Monitoring

The MET Connect™ comprehensive Remote Monitoring Platform can be setup to monitor the devices on your network and alert you to any possible issues.  Find out more information here.

Ease of Use

Very simple to setup, deploy and manage. No complex network configuration needed whatsoever. Discuss your network requirements with us, we can configure your MODEM, you simply plug it in and switch it on! Want more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Supported on multiple platforms

platforms supported

Built-in support with every common OS – No client software to install

Every Major VPN Protocol Supported

L2TP/IPSec       OpenVPN       Microsoft SSTP       L2TPv3/IPSec       EtherIP/IPSec