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MET Connect™ Monitoring Service – Zoning Upgrade

21st January 2016

Today we are pleased to be releasing an upgrade to our monitoring platform which allows our customers to use any IP address subnet range they wish with each of their VHUB instances.  Previously, subnets had to be unique, but we are happy to announce this is no longer required.

MET Connect™ Polling Infrastructure now zones your network such that you can use the same IP range on multiple sites if you wish.  This is useful when you deploy a standard IP address configuration to multiple sites.  For example is your MET Connect 4G MODEM and is your PLC for every site.

If you don’t need inter-VHUB communication, you can now deploy as many identically addressed sites as you wish in different VHUBs, and the portal will happily monitor all of these.

Feel free to contact our team ( if you would like assistance in setting up this feature.