Case Studies

Case Studies

Concrete mixing tower. Concept of on-site construction facility.

Cement Industry

MET Connect™ assists Cement Australia Pozzolanic Group by allowing them remote control over their Ash Classifier Plants at several of Queensland’s Coal Power Stations.

Quarry crusher plant in sand and gravel procuction

Rock Crushing

For a growing number of rock crushing companies in Australia, MET Connect™ is becoming operationally essential.  Their remotely located engineers are monitoring the plants essential parameters and make plant configuration changes within the PLC on-the-fly.

Factory Cotton Spinning Machine Particular


Within the manufacturing industry MET Connect™ is significantly reducing downtime and support staff travel cost by allowing remotely located support Engineers to remotely diagnose and rectify control system issues.  MET Connect™ scales-up as manufacturers bring on-line new remote sites and allows important data sharing between remotely located control systems.

David and Golaith as a dinghy rows by a superyacht.


Within the Super yacht industry MET Connect™ is enabling real-time parameter monitoring of the yachts engine data and Vessel Management System PLC Networks by shore-based support Engineers.