Android VPN setup

This tutorial explains how to set up your Android Tablet or Phone to connect to your MET Connect™ VHUB.

1. Open Settings App 

2. Go to More Connection Settings, select VPN Set up and manage Virtual Proviate Networks (VPNs) then ADD VPN

3. Choose a Name for your Connection

4. Under Type Select L2TP/IPSec PSK

5. Enter the following details:

Server Address: <provided to you in setup ticket instructions>

(Leave L2TP Secret and IPSec identifier Blank)

IPSec Pre-Shared Key: <provided to you in setup ticket instructions>

press SAVE

6. press your new network setting which has just been created (a Connect to <your network name> box will pop up)

Enter the following credentials:

< username you set from within MET Connect manager> @<YOUR VHUB NAME>

e.g. jsmith@MYVHUBNAME

<the password given to you by your network manager>

tick the Save Account Information box, if you wish your device to remember these credentials


Your device will now create an encrypted secure connection to your VHUB.

When your device successfully connects, you'll notice a Key logo on the top left part of the screen

You're now connected into your remote network.  For example, You can now use a VNC program to remotely control your HMI's or use any other program you'd like to control a device on your network.

Make sure to return to the VPN menu to disconnect the session when you're finished.

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