Windows 10 VPN Client Setup

Windows 10 Setup Guide for VPN Client

1. Click START and type VPN

2. Select  Change Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

3. Select Add a VPN Connection

4. From the VPN Provider drop-box menu, select Windows (Built-in)

Choose a connection name

Server Name or Address

To find the server address, from within MET Connect Portal,
click on Services, click on the VHUB Service you'd like to set-up.
click on Network Settings.
The server address is shown here.

6. VPN Type: select L2TP/IPsec with pre-shared key

7. Pre-Shared key: this information was sent to you with your MET Connect
Subsription confirmation email

8. Type of sign-in info: leave Username and Password selected

 Click Next

9. Username: Enter your username@VHUB_NAME

e.g. jsmith@MYVHUBNAME
Your username is setup from within the MET Connect Portal
Services > click on VHUB name > User Management > Add User

10. Password: (setup from within MET Connect Portal)

Click Save


11. The MET Connect service is now configured. 

To connect, click on the Network icon in your system tray: 

then click on your network name and click Connect

The DHCP server will issue your computer with an IP address on the local network subnet. You now have access to the remote network.

Enabling Split-tunnelling

By default, your internet connection will be unavailable any time you are connected to the VPN. This behaviour can be changed so you can use both the secure remote VPN connection as well as internet services simultaneously.


1. click on START, type VPN

2. click Change Adapter Options

3. Right-click on the new VPN adapter and select Properties

4. Select the Networking tab, click on
Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to highlight this in blue then select

5. Click on Advanced then un-tick Use default gateway on remote network

click Ok, Ok, Ok


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